“Hybrid Week” during January Term


We just wrapped up our fourth “hybrid week” here at RTS-O (Jan 16–20). Each summer and winter term, we have a week of 3-hr back-to-back-to-back intensive courses that are catered to our distance MDiv students who need to meet their residential requirements for their degree. (Yes…the week is as exhausting as it sounds, with classes meeting 9am–12noon, 1–4pm, and 6–9pm).

The program has been growing like weeds, and this week we hosted over 70 students from all over the world (as far as Egypt and the Netherlands) for a variety of classes, including Acts-Romans, Preaching Lab(s), Communication I (on top of our other Winter Term classes, including Gospel and Race, Missions, and Hebrew).


Each morning Prof. Glodo led a brief chapel service. We also offered lunch each day that students were able to purchase for $5/meal, thus saving time for everyone and providing students and faculty a chance to spend time together during the 1-hr lunch break. On Monday night we had a barbecue (attended by our Chancellor, Dr. Ligon Duncan), and later in the week we enjoyed pizza together for dinner.

We were also pleased to welcome our newest faculty member, Dr. Nicholas Reid, who will also serve as the director of the distance MDiv/”hybrid” program.

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