RTS Honors Dr. John Frame Upon His Retirement


On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, RTS honored Dr. John Frame for his decades of service to the seminary (which he joined in 2002) and broader church. He is now Emeritus Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy.

Dr. Ligon Duncan preached during Wednesday’s chapel. Joining us for worship was Dr. Frame’s wife (Mary) and family, most of the RTS board of trustees, several colleagues from other RTS campuses, and numerous members of the community that have been influenced greatly by Frame over many years. MDiv student Josiah Armes (organist at First Pres Orlando) composed an original organ piece in honor of Dr. Frame and performed it during chapel. We also joined in a litany of thanks to God for the many blessings he has given us through Frame’s ministry.

The next day we hosted a community lunch (to a packed house). Dr. James Anderson (RTS-C), Dr. Scott Redd (RTS-W), Dr. Luder Whitlock (former RTS chancellor), and Dr. Swain delivered addresses honoring their colleague and friend. The president of P&R Publishing was also on-hand to present Dr. Frame with an award from the ECPA for his recent book, A History of Western Philosophy and Christian Thought. Dr. Duncan then closed with prayer for John and Mary.

Both events were great ways to honor someone who has had (and will continue to have) tremendous impact across the world for Christ.

(Side note from the author: At our RTS all-faculty offsite last year in Atlanta, we were asked to name the most influential theologians in our lives. The most-mentioned name was John Frame.)

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