“Hybrid Week” During Summer Term


We just finished our fifth (I believe) semi-annual RTS Orlando “Hybrid” week (July 10-14, 2017). This is a week of intensive course offerings catered to our Distance MDiv/MA students though, of course, our traditional students can take them.

We had around seventy students arrive on Monday from all around the nation/world for a full docket of course offerings, including Communication I (Mike Glodo), Communication Lab B (Larry Kirk, Randy Greenwald, and Mike Osborne), History of Christianity I (Ryan Reeves), Greek Readings (Greg Lanier), Gospel of John (Greg Lanier), and Poets (Mark Futato).

Each day began at 8:30 with a special chapel featuring singing, prayer, and homilies given by Ligon Duncan, Mark Futato, Scott Swain, Randy Greenwald, and Mike Glodo. This is a special time for our distance students in particular who aren’t around campus for our normal weekly times of corporate worship. (Recordings of the homilies are posted here)

As with January’s hybrid week, students were given the option to purchase (on the cheap) a lunch brought in to RTS, so that they could maximize their down-time between classes and spend time together socially.

Meanwhile, the incoming class of twenty MAC (Counseling) students began their 2-year course of study, and the local chapter of The Gospel Coalition held meetings on campus.

It was a busy week, to say the least!

Stay tuned, as we will have some guest posts coming up from “hybrid” students who will share about their experiences in the program.

hybridJuly17aLunch in the fellowship hall

Worship in the Chapel

hybridJuly17jGreek Readings students examining Luke’s prologue in Codex Vaticanus

hybridJuly17cFamily Pizza party for the Greek Readings and Gospel of John classes

Group discussion/debate on the ‘Story of the Adulterous Woman’ textual variant (John 7:53-8:11) in the Gospel of John Class

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