Summer Greek is Upon Us…And (Free) Ministry Lunches Abound!

Pizza Vaticanus

RTS-Orlando’s 3-week “Summer Greek” (NT502 Greek I) course is a rite of passage, of sorts, for seminarians. Yes, it comes with some measure of pain, as learning any language must. But I find it quite enjoyable to be “down in the trenches” with our class as we work together for three hours a day learning how to read God’s inspired Scriptures (at least, the NT portion) in their original tongue.

Given that many students who take Greek I are newcomers to the Oviedo area, we are also delighted to be continuing a long-standing tradition of inviting staff from churches in the area to come at lunchtime and provide a free meal, in return for the opportunity to share about their churches (and, hopefully, interest some students in possibly serving/worshipping there during their time at RTS). These lunches are open to non-Greek I students as well: if you are taking a class on campus or are working in the library, feel free to join in.

The course runs August 7–25, and we have a great lineup scheduled so far:

Aug 7 Reformation OPC Subs
Aug 8 Univ Pres Lake Nona Pizza
Aug 9 Lake Baldwin Church Barbecue
Aug 10 Grace Chapel Pizza
Aug 14 Emmaus Church Chic-fil-A
Aug 15 US Navy Chaplains n/a Pizza
Aug 16 New Hope PCA TBD
Aug 17 Willow Creek Church  4-Rivers
Aug 21 One Hope Church  Pizza
Aug 22 St. Andrew’s Chapel Jason’s Deli
Aug 23 River Oaks Church Panera
Aug 24 Covenant Presbyterian Pizza

* If your church is interested in sponsoring a meal, contact Greg Lanier.

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