Thankful for Our Many Ministry Partners

We just wrapped up the summer term, and we were privileged to have twelve area churches and other ministries visit with our students (particularly incoming ones) and provide lunch.

It is a blessing for seminary students to know that area churches—regardless of denomination—care for them, pray for them, and desire to help them prepare for ministry in whatever shape it takes.

I thought I’d share a photos of a few of the lunches.


Stephen Oharek of Reformation OPC


BJ Milgate of UPC Lake Nona

Mike Tilley and Joe White of Lake Baldwin Church

Jon and Cheron from the US Navy Chaplains Corp


David Netzorg and Erin McFarlane of Emmaus Church Winter Garden

Richard Burguet and David Kelly of New Hope PCA

Kevin Labby and Drew Taylor (and team) from Willow Creek Church

Justin Ashurst, Mike Moore, and Rick Amos from One Hope Church


Kevin Struyck from St. Andrew’s Chapel

David Camera and Jessi Trigger from River Oaks Church

Randy Greenwald and team from Covenant Presbyterian Church

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