Pastors’ Wives Panel

Pastors' Wives Panel

Philippians 4:9 — The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.

Paul’s encouragement to the church at Philippi rang loud and true last night as the RTS ladies sat under the teaching of local pastors’ wives who themselves emulate the truth found in God’s Word. The time together was both encouraging and convicting, powerful and compassionate.

“Being the real you in ministry can mean putting aside our people pleasing ways”, Katie Jakes of Orangewood PCA said as she  shared on “Being the Real You in Ministry.”

Sarah Wright, whose husband Lee is the campus pastor for RUF–UCF, shared on the topic of “Personal Trials in Ministry” and the importance of good theology when going through a trial. “Good Theology helps us not only understand that the tests are for our good but also that the One whose hand orchestrated them is good and faithful.”

Panel discussion

Hana Ryman from University Presbyterian Church shared on “Supporting Your Husband When He Has Been Wounded.” The role of the wife is a unique that is only yours. It is one of support and not criticism (paraphrased).

Lisa Oharek from Reformation OPC taught on “Dealing With Difficult People in Ministry” and the importance of praying for those in our lives who are more challenging as it is difficult to dislike someone who you are interceding for.

Lastly, Gwen Camera from River Oaks PCA encouraged the ladies on the subject of “Avoiding Burnout in Ministry.” She spoke about the weight that we feel in ministry as we share the burdens of others. Followed by insights on how to avoid burning out namely to be sure to take time to  pull away and seek that deeper spiritual connection with our great God that comes from quieting our souls before Him.

The time together was filled with so much truth and wisdom. We are all looking forward to next week’s Q&A with these same ladies.

A special thanks to all the pastors’ wives who made this possible and to Covenant Presbyterian Church of Oviedo for allowing the ladies the use of their facilities.



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