Kicking off chapel season with Sola Scriptura and…doughnuts


Today, after delays induced by an inaugural lecture, an inauguration, and a category 5 hurricane, we finally began our “official” chapel series for the Fall 2017 semester. We will be working through a series of passages and topics related to the Reformation (of course!), with the tongue-in-cheek/informal sub-title, “What Martin Luther did (or didn’t) really say.”

Rev. David Camera, senior pastor of River Oaks Church, kicked things off with an exposition of 2 Tim 3:14-4:3, exhorting us to apply — not just believe in– the doctrine of Sola Scriptura in every area of ministry. His exhortations regarding the need to stay focused on the main thing (God’s word) amid the constant chorus of demands tugging you in every direction were particularly helpful. His sermon can be found at the RTS-O Soundcloud page. Jessi Trigger, the worship director at ROC, led the singing. Thanks to the River Oaks team for serving our students this way today!

Prof. Muether also offered a prayer for the family of the late Dr. Simon Kistemaker, longtime NT professor at RTS, who was promoted to glory this past weekend.

Afterward we enjoyed doughnuts from the famous Donuts to Go in Sanford. Yeah…they went fast.

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