Ministry Lunches: NewCity Parramore and “Toward Finding a Ministry Job”


This week we were pleased to host two partner ministries who provided informational sessions and a free lunch for our students.

NewCity Parramore: Eric Stites

Eric is a 2012 RTS graduate who is leading an inner-city church plant out of NewCity PCA, focused on the Parramore Ave part of Orlando. A few years ago it was rated one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, and it a place with a lot of brokenness but also a lot of beauty. Eric, his family, and the small church plant team hope to bring the gospel to this area and a new sense of hope and healing. Opportunities to serve include an after school tutoring program as well as a 2018 summer internship open to RTS students. To find out more, contact Eric at the link above.


“Making Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse: Toward Finding a Ministry Job”: Jim Hatch

Jim is a long-time friend of RTS-Orlando and has faithfully served with Mission to North America, the domestic church-planting arm of the PCA, for numerous years. He visited campus for a few days to meet with students and, on Thursday, hosted a lunch to help give future graduates guidance on finding a ministry job: “Making Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse.” He also introduced Drew Bennett (Redeemer City, Winter Haven, FL), who is active in Florida church planting as part of the PCA.

They led a very helpful discussion that flipped the normal notion on its head: rather than thinking, “How do I find a job that meets my goals?” they suggested you think, “How do I clearly articulate how I can help a ministry meet its goals?” We talked about how to identify your unique gifting beyond using written assessments, how to build relationships that will help you get connected to ministries, and how to think creatively about ways you can meet a need in a church or parachurch ministry, whether you are training to be a counselor, preacher, or any other forms of ministry.



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