Fall 2017 Mid-Semester Cookout (and Pumpkin Contest)


Last night the student body (and families), faculty, and staff enjoyed an evening cookout to mark the middle of the semester. It’s been an unusual semester so far—with a hurricane, a missed week, and a presidential inauguration—but God has been good to our community, so it was nice to get together to enjoy one another’s company and give thanks.

The agenda was simple: have fun and enjoy the slightly cooler weather.

We began the evening with a huge spread of food prepared by Melody Hoover (our new student life coordinator) and her team (many thanks to the Cheryls, the grill team, Chrissy, and others). During dinner we were blessed by a return guest appearance by award-winning musician Andrew Peterson (who also played Dr. Swain’s inauguration and our recent vision dinner). Only this time he joined us remotely via Amazon Music on someone’s phone.

The kids next enjoyed a highly competitive pumpkin decorating contest that only resulted in two children crying, so…I guess that’s good?

We finished the night with autumnal family photos on the hay bales.

Enjoy fall break (reading week), everyone!

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