Connections Lunch with Julie Colombino

Connections lunch

On Wednesday, November 8th, Julie Colombino visited the RTS- Orlando campus to share with the WiM ladies about her ministry to Haiti. Julie is the founder and CEO of Rebuild Globally which is a nonprofit organization that provides dignified work opportunities for those in Haiti. Julie spoke with the ladies about her visit to Haiti in 2010 immediately following the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake which left hundreds of thousands dead and many without homes or jobs. It was this trip that the Lord used to call her to leave everything behind, move to Haiti and minister to the Haitian people by not just giving temporary help and resources, but by creating jobs that could in turn bring financial stability to those who had lost everything. This led to the creation of sandals made out of recycled tires, which in turn led to Deux Mains Designs: a for profit company that has provided jobs and hope for many Haitian people. 

The ladies were all very encouraged by Julie’s openness about the difficulties that she has faced in following the Lord in this calling, and also the joys that have come from seeing Him work in and through her.

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