Giving Thanks in WiM

thanksgiving-01With Thanksgiving approaching, it seemed only fitting to have a WiM discussion on giving thanks at our last normal gathering of the fall semester (Nov 16). We looked at Psalm 107, as well as many of Paul’s letters in reference to giving thanks. Time was spent on both when and how do we give thanks to God.

We then spent time seeing Paul’s heart towards those he spent time serving and serving alongside. We looked at the when and how do we give thanks for others as Paul was continually giving thanks to the Lord for the saints in his life. Emphasis was made on the importance of having a grateful heart in all things, and specifically for those in our ministry walks who may make being thankful a little more difficult.

We then looked at the importance of being thankful in all things, especially those things which stretch us the most, and doing it in His strength as we look to His example.

Next, we practiced giving thanks by sharing those things which we are most thankful. We then spent time in prayer, thanking God for the innumerable gifts with which He has blessed each one of us.


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