Dulce Merida: On Seminary and Personal Devotions


(Guest post by Dulce Merida, MATS student at RTS-Orlando. She is from the Miami area and is interested in Christian counseling and marriage therapy)

No matter what degree you may be pursuing in seminary (MDiv, MA, Counseling), we all share a common goal: to expand the Kingdom and connect others to Christ, regardless of what that looks like post-graduation. There’s also no denying that all RTS degrees have a vast amount of reading, memorization, and perseverance through difficult academic papers. Honestly speaking, if we’re reading five to nine books per class (that all seem to have a size eight font), there doesn’t seem to be  much time to breathe without a book in our hands!


I wholeheartedly believe that Jesus is glorified through all our academic work at RTS, but so many times as seminary students it’s easy to substitute daily devotion time for seminary homework and readings. After all, we’re reading for God’s glory, right?

Thankfully God is merciful and graceful in all seasons of our lives. Whether you are a student, a mom to a newborn, a full-time employee or a staff member, there are always seasons that seem like spending time reading the Word is almost impossible, without it being done in the classroom.

As Kelly Kapic beautifully states in his book A Little Book for New Theologians, “God reveals himself through himself.” In other words, God reveals the depths of who He is to His creation by His Word, yet, so many times we push it aside for something else more “important” or something that tangibly needs to get done, like laundry and dishes (if we’re being extra honest). Again, God is merciful and graceful, but many times we all seem to push aside the very core and purpose of why we are doing what we’re doing. Going to seminary doesn’t make us “super Christians,” it actually breaks down the walls, shows us just how broken we are without Christ, and how His redeeming love constantly pursues us.

Whatever daily devotion time looks like for you, do it. If it’s journaling, great. If it’s reading the Word out loud, great. If it’s reading the Bible app while carrying your baby in the middle of the night, great. Even if it’s hearing the Word being read to you because you don’t want to read another size eight font book, then great! Get the Word in, one way or another. It’s vital. It’s what He came for. It’s what we’re here for. It’s an endless love story of the ultimate love story. As Kapic says, “Knowledge and enjoyment of God are inseparable.”

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