Food Truck Night!


foodtrucknightTonight from 5-7pm we held our first ever RTS-Orlando food truck night. With nearly 90 students from around the world taking classes on campus this week, we thought it would be a super way to get the faculty, staff, distance students, and residential students together for a special time. We hired two food trucks to show up at our doorstep and serve authentic Mexican food and churros.

With loads of kids running around and even visitors from the neighboring area and Reformation Bible College, it was a great opportunity for catching up at the mid-way point of a week of intensive courses.

In fact, it was so popular that we had to take quick action to ensure all 70-ish folks in Professor Glodo’s 6pm class on Theology of Ministry could, well, make it to class.

So…our Student Life Coordinator, Melody Hoover, hopped in the food truck and got to work helping the truck owners with the cooking! No, really. She basically ran the thing, while Leigh Swanson (our community relations VP) dished out the orders from the back of the truck, later passing the baton to our assistant librarian Lisa Oharek. It was pretty stellar:

(They offered Melody [in the grey shirt] a job afterwards. Seriously.)

It was an enjoyable night. As it was our first go at this, the lines were longer than we anticipated — so we will get the kinks worked out next time. But many thanks to the team for the hard work in pulling it off, including a few ‘audibles’ here and there. And thanks to Prof. Glodo for rolling with the punches and starting class a little later than normal to allow a few remaining students to make it to class, churros in hand.

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