2018 Fall WiM Dessert Night


On September 6th, the ladies of RTS Orlando gathered to kick off the beginning of a new semester with the annual “WiM Dessert Night.” It was an exciting time consisting of a considerable amount of dipping strawberries, cookies, and pretzels into chocolate, stretching our vocal abilities, playing games and hearing from God’s word. Laughs were had, prizes were won and chocolate was consumed.

The evening was opened in prayer by Rachel Joubert, and then followed by a game of “Get to Know You Bingo.” Ladies discovered who had eaten alligator before, who was left handed, who had been on a blind date, and many other fun and somewhat irrelevant facts about one another. The ladies then used their vocal abilities to compete against one another singing and at times even performing lines from songs with a key word (like “Sweet Home Alabama”).

Mary Carol Hall, the RTS retreat expert, shared her experiences on previous retreats and encouraged the ladies not to miss out on this fun time.

Chrissy Boone then shared a short devotional from Ephesians 1 encouraging the women to spend time in prayer and thanksgiving for one another.

The evening was concluded as the ladies broke into small groups to prayer for each other.

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