Trivia & Pizza Night 2018


On Thursday night we hosted our first ever (we think) trivia night for students and families. It was a blast!

We munched on pizza and pub snacks while seven teams of students competed tooth and nail through four grueling rounds of trivia. Each round featured questions from across the totality of human knowledge, ranging from Beyonce to Narnia to Parks & Rec to Teddy Roosevelt. We created our own quiz program using Google, and team captains had 20 seconds to log their team’s answer to each question.

Here’s a sample question that represents the tone of the night:


The trivia night hosts were, of course, yours truly and Mel, which is short for Mel B, which was Melody’s Spice Girl name (obviously).


Three teams emerged from the fray and entered into the Lightning Round of 20 fast-paced questions, where the stakes couldn’t possibly be higher. The winning team (two ringers from the Hoover family, the Boones, and the Allens) won a $50 gift card to Chilis (in honor of The Office) as well as gift cards to Starbucks. The two runners-up also won gift cards.

But everyone was a winner. (Except for everyone who didn’t know what the Sixth Amendment was. Which was everyone.)

Kudos to RTS graduate Samantha Kinkopf for knowing the chemical formula for sucrose; to Greg Hoover for still knowing how to do math; and to Jonathan Duckett for living up to the hype and nailing the Narnia questions.


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