Campus Life


At RTS-Orlando, we aim to cultivate an atmosphere where students and their families have opportunities to grow and build relationships outside the classroom.

Our Campus Life Philosophy is Simple…

What do we as a seminary need to do to ensure all our students are equipped for a life of long-term ministry? What extracurricular things should we be doing to make sure our students feel connected and prepared without making everyone’s already-maxed-out schedules even more full?

What we don’t want to be

With this in mind, we do not want our students to live in a “seminary bubble”…so:

  • We do not have on-campus housing—get out there and meet “regular” people!
  • We do not want RTS to be your only source of spiritual growth—be active in worship and service in a local church!
  • We do not want to be your only source of friends—meet your neighbors, join a sports team, and/or attend a church-led small group!

What we do want to be

We want to help all our students build life-long relationships with each other and with faculty that will, we hope, sustain them over the ups-and-downs of ministry for many years to come. We also want the “seminary years” to be some of the best that our students ever have, both within and outside the classroom.

To this end, the life-blood of our student life experience consists of two things.

Campus Activities

Each semester we offer a variety of formal opportunities for students (and, often, their families) to gather together to build friendships and relieve some of the stress of seminary.

These activities range from social-and-relaxed to intentional-and-meaningful (or a bit of both), and they vary each semester. Cookouts, Christmas parties, ice cream socials, and more. Find out more.


Other Aspects of Campus Life

  • Things to Do in Oviedo—our one-stop guide for parks, attractions, beaches, schools, etc. in the Oviedo area.
  • Local Churches—a map of the local churches where most of our students worship/serve.
  • Ambassadors—the on-campus team of volunteers who help pull off the big events!
  • Chapel—our weekly gathering for worship in song, prayer, and word.