Student Care Team

The campus Student Care Team has a heart to build relationships with all full-time and part-time students of RTS-O as we go through the journey of seminary together. Outside the more “official” events/activities of the student body, we foster community through prayer, spontaneous small group gatherings, hanging out informally with faculty members, and so forth.

Contact Kurt Gray for more info.

Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund exists for the sake of helping current RTS-O students meet unexpected and challenging financial needs. Generous donors have identified this need and graciously provided this fund, so that we can not only walk students into God’s Word but walk with students through the ups and downs of God’s world, including times of financial distress.

There are a few wonderful things to note about this fund. First, the fund exists because we value you —not just your education, but you as a person. We realize you have wider needs and other commitments, and we know these can challenge you in various ways, including financially. Second, the fund exists because others in Christ’s kingdom value the sacrifice you make in coming to study here and want to partner with you to help make that continued education possible. Third, this fund exists to help students who have an unexpected or emergency situation on that hinders their financial standing. You don’t have to be penniless or bankrupt to receive help. You do need to show need. Fourth, we promise to handle all your information confidentially.

Contact the Dean of Students to find out more.