WiM Care Team

wimcareteamThe RTS-O WiM Care Team cares for and builds relationships with the women of RTS, both students and wives of students. They act as a key point of contact for RTS families to offer encouragement and prayer so that everyone feels like they at least have someone they can turn to when needed. This looks different for everyone, but it can include regular times of grabbing coffee to chat, occasional emails or texts, play-dates, dinners with families, or nothing formal at all (just knowing someone is there).

Our goal is not to replace relationships that each RTS student and family should build in their local church, but rather to ensure that seminary-specific needs, concerns, joys, and trials can be processed with someone associated with the seminary.

To find out more about the Care Team, or to be connected to a team member if you aren’t already, Contact Us.

Our Care Team

  • Kate Lanier (Coordinator), wife of Dr. Greg Lanier (NT professor), optometrist at Fisher Eye Associates, and mother of three.
  • Emily Allen, wife of Dr. Michael Allen (academic dean and theology professor), mother of two.
  • Chrissy Boone, wife of Todd Boone (MDiv student), WiM program coordinator, and mother of three.
  • Leigh Anna Farrell, wife of Michael Farrell (RTS-O librarian), licensed social worker, and mother of two.
  • Vicki Glodo, wife of Prof. Michael Glodo (PT professor), instructor at Orangewood Christian School, mother of two grown children (previously served as chairperson of “Mrs. in Ministry” at RTS-O in its prior incarnation).
  • Marcy Hill, wife of Dr. Charles Hill (NT professor), mother of three adult children.
  • Brenda-Lee Miller, wife of Winston Miller (RTS-O director of admissions), licensed real estate agent, and mother of four.
  • Kathy Muether, wife of Prof. John Muether (dean of libraries and history professor), mother of three.
  • Lisa Oharek, wife of Stephen Oharek (pastor of Reformation OPC), assistant library at RTS-O, part-time MABS student, and mother of four.
  • Blair Reid, wife of Dr. Nicholas Reid (OT professor), mother of four.